Wisdom Pearls from John Fritz

Welcome To Our Celebration of Light!
     Flowers from Cecilia's Garden Sanctuary...
          Inviting Us To Consider...

From June of 2018 to June of 2020, John Fritz sent daily emails to a list of students and friends. We have saved 551 messages of what "All The Masters Know... And Practice...", "Just For Today" practices, and "Wisdom Pearls." Each one included stunning photos from Cecilia's garden and, of course, wisdom, practices, and light from John.

In his memory, we have started this mailing list to re-share these emails to keep his joyful light and love alive. Emails will be sent once per week on Sunday mornings to offer contemplation, meditation, and lessons we all wish to preserve in our lives.

In addition, on the first Wednesday of every month, Ken Caputo and Jesse Harding will be hosting Circle of Light workshops teaching lessons from John. This may lead to further workshops and retreats in the future.
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